Sunday, November 9, 2014


Give the questions and answers a week ago and let them read it first, then have a competition ‘’Question-Answer and Question’’ game.
How to play; students stand in lines. /fall in line/ And teacher asks a question and each student can not answer for one question. If student can not answer for the question the next student will answer it. They take turns. It is exactly the same as the competition on National TV named ‘’AXA’’.
1.      What’s the most commonly used letter of the alphabet? (e)
2.      How do you say ‘’not organized’’ in one word? (disorganized)
3.      What book has been translated into the most language? (Bible)
4.      End this common phrase; Happy New ….. (Year)
5.      How many prongs are there on a dinner fork? (4)
6.      Who starts first in chess? (white)
7.      How do you call your grandmother’s sister? (great-aunt)
8.      Who plays the music at a disco? (the DJ; Disk Jockey)
9.      What letter is silent in the word ‘’people’’? (o)
10.  What’s the longest word in the English language?
(pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a forty- five-letter word
11.  What letter is silent in the word ‘’handsome’’? (d)
12.  Who climbs mountains? (a mountaineer)
13.  How do you say ‘’not honest’’ in one word? (dishonest)
14.  What was the previous name of Thailand? (Siam)
15.  How do you call your wife’s brother? (brother-in-law)
16.  How do you call your sister’s son? (nephew)
17.  What temperature does water boil at? (100 degrees Celsius)
18.  Where is the smallest bone in body? (ear)
19.  Which is the only mammal that can’t jump? (elephant)
20.  End this common idiom; ‘’To put your foot in your ……. (mouth)
21.  The word ‘’funny’’ means both ‘’amusing’’ and ……. (strange)
22.  What are the things that wipe the rain off the front window of a car? (windshield wipers or windscreen wipers)
23.  How do you call a person who farms bees? (beekeeper)
24.  Who was the main actor in ‘’Cocktail’’? (Tom Cruise)
25.  Who checks and balances the financial books? (an accountant)
26.  Start this common idiom; ‘’… do as Romans do.’’ (When in Rome…)
27.  What does UN stand for? (United Nations)
28.  Who mixes cocktails? (a bartender)
29.  What’s the opposite of ‘’wide’’? (narrow)
30.  How much is a billion? (US; 1,000,000,000; UK; 1,000,000,000,000)
31.  What are the things you tie on your shoes? (shoelaces)
32.  How do you say ‘’not happy’’ in one word? (unhappy)
33.  What is the capital of Czech Republic? (Prague)
34.  What is the outside of an egg called? (shell)
35.  What is an electric machine for cleaning carpets called? (vacuum cleaner )
36.  How many ways can you say the number ‘’0’’? (zero, naught, nought, oh, nill, cipher)
37.  What’s the short form of ‘’until’’? (till)
38.  How do you say ‘’not suitable’’ in one word? (unsuitable)
39.  What word means ‘’correct’’ as well as ‘’the opposite of left’’? (right)
40.  What’s the best known artificial international language? (Esperanto)
41.  What letter is silent in the word ‘’comb’’ (b)
42.  What’s the most common pair of letters in words? (er)
43.  How do you say ‘’not employed’’ in one word? (unemployed)
44.  Who has a red nose and makes children laugh at a circus? (a clown)
45.  Which is the smallest ocean? (Arctic)
46.  When did the first man go into space? (1961)
47.  Who was the first man in space? (Gagarin)
48.  What is the full term for e-mail? (electronic mail)
49.  Where did the first atomic bomb used in war explode? (Hiroshima)
50.  Who painted the Mona Lisa? (Leonardo Da Vinci)
51.  Where was Marco Polo’s home town? (Venice, Italy)
52.  How many children has Queen Elizabeth II got? (4)
53.  What’s the largest city in India? (Bombay)
54.  End this common idiom; ‘’As busy as …. (bee)
55.  How do you say ‘’not qualified’’ in one word? (unqualified)
56.  How do you say ‘’not fair’’ in one word? (unfair)
57.  What letter is silent in the word ‘’business’’? (i )
58.  What country gave Florida to the USA in 1891? (Spain)
59.  What is the most important book in nth Moslem religion? (Koran)
60.  What is the Canadian national anthem? (Oh Canada)
61.  What year did Elvis Presley die? (1977)
62.  Who were the two main actors in ‘’Pretty Woman’’? (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere)
63.  How can you write the phrase; ‘’a nice man’’ so that it has a different meaning but sounds the same? (an ice man)
64.  What letter of the alphabet is the most common first letter of words? (s)
65.  End this common saying; ‘’What goes up must come … (down)
66.  What is the yellow part of an egg called? (yolk)
67.  In which city is Hollywood? (Los Angeles)
68.  Who is current president of USA? (Barak Obama)
69.  Which is the largest ocean? (Pacific)
70.  Who wrote Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Hamlet? (Shakespeare)
71.  What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan? (alarm clock)
72.  In which Canadian province in Niagara Falls located? (Ontario)
73.  What’s the smallest country in the world? (Vatican City)
74.  What’s the capital of Brazil? (Brazilia)
75.  Which river goes through London? (Thames)
76.  What is Britain’s second city? (Birmingham)
77.  Which city has the second-largest Chinatown in North America? (Vancouver)
78.  Which is the Canada’s third largest city?(Vancouver)
79.  What colour is a panda bear?  (black and white)
80.  How many words are there in the English language? (est. 2 million)
81.  Who said E= mc2 (Einstein)
82.  What’s the capital of Scotland? (Edinburg)
83.  When did the First World War start? (1914)
84.  When did the Second World War end? (1945)
85.  Who was the first President of the USA? (Washington)
86.  Where was Christopher Columbus born? (Genova, Italy)
87.  What nationality was Marco Polo? (Italian)
88.  What language has the most words? (English)
89.  What is the capital of France? (Paris)
90.  How much is a baker’s dozen? (13)
91.  What currency do they use in Japan? (yen)
92.  Where does the American President live? (The White House)
93.  How many months have 31 days? (7)
94.  How long is a round in boxing? (2 minutes)
95.  What are Canada’s official languages? (English and French)
96.  Which language is spoken by most people in the world? (Chinese)
97.  How many squares are there on a chess board? (64)
98.  What are the five colours of the Olympic rings? (red, yellow, green, blue, black)
99.  How many legs has a spider got? (8)
100.                      Who invented the telephone? (Bell)

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