Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Language learning strategy, foreign language standard 
1.    Language learning process and its principles
2.    Teaching process, effective presentation
3.    Foreign language standard its components
4.    Foreign language standard, competence
English Language Approaches
5.    Task-Based Learning
6.    Prescriptive and Descriptive Approach
7.    Learner-Centered problem based learning
English language methods
8.    Grammar Translation Method
9.    Direct Method
10.  Audio-Lingual Method
11.  Community Language Learning Method
12.  Silent Way Method
13.  Total Physical Response Method
Teaching pronunciation
14.  Principles for teaching English sounds, steps for teaching and practicing sounds, activities for teaching sounds
15.  Stress in English, activities for practicing stress, sentence intonation in English, teaching intonation
Teaching vocabulary                                           
16.  Principles for communicating the meaning of words,
17.  Techniques for communicating the meaning of words
Teaching with games and songs
18.  The advantages of using games and songs  
19.  Good and bad reasons for using games in an adult class
Teaching speaking
20.  Principles in teaching speaking, example activities for speaking practice
21.  Example activities for communication
Teaching listening
22.  Example activities for listening practice
23.  Example activities for listening communication
Teaching writing
24.  Principles in teaching writing, feedback in writing
25.  Exercises and activities for teaching writing
Teaching reading
26.  Principles for teaching reading
27.  Reading exercises and activities
Lesson planning
28.  Principles for planning a lesson
29.  Planning a lesson
30.  Unit curriculum structure

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